Scattered light dust collectors

Reliable low dust measurement

The measurement principle, based on the scattering of light by dust particles, makes it possible to detect even a very low degree of dust. Depending on the requirements of a particular installation, forward or backscatter is used. Both of these measurement principles provide stable and reproducible measurement results. Regardless of gas velocity, humidity, or charge of dust particles.

Family FWE200DH

Reliable measurement of dust in wet gases

  • For very low and medium dust concentrations
  • Sampling and returning gas through the same probe
  • Pollution control
  • Automatic control of a zero and control point
  • Easy setup and convenient operation - optionally via an optional remote display
  • Integrated system monitoring functions to identify early maintenance needs


Intelligent measurement. Cost reduction.

  • Independent measuring device - with or without MCU control device
  • Automatic control of a zero and control point
  • Integrated purge air unit (option)
  • Installation on one side of the channel
  • Robust and compact design
  • Lack of moving parts in the channel

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