XZR400 Low Concentration Analyzer

The XZR400 Series analyzers detect traces (low concentrations) of oxygen in pure gases and are used in the production of industrial gases, in laboratories, during welding and when filling cylinders. 

The main application is the determination of concentrations of less than 4 ppm O2 in nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide and other inert and pure gases. The fast response provided by MSRS technology allows you to quickly detect leaks and prevent contamination in the production of silicon wafers, and a low sample flow rate (1-3 Nl / h) is ideal for measurements in expensive gases such as krypton and xenon.

XZR400 Rack Mount

Technology: MSRS

This XZR400 is mounted in a 19 '' 3U rack. It has 2 4-20 mA outputs and ModBus RS485. Easidew indoor installation possible.

XZR400 Wall Mount

Technology: MSRS

Such an installation is used when necessary, measurements, as close as possible to the place of selection, for example, when filling cylinders.

Desktop XZR400

Technology: MSRS

With carrying handle and rubber feet, for use in laboratories and places with several measuring points.

XZR400 Mobile

Technology: MSRS

Execution in a special building that provides protection during transportation by various means of transport between objects.

General features of the series

  • Simplicity and ease of operation thanks to the HMI touch interface
  • Fast response (<2s for the sensor)
  • High accuracy and integrated atmospheric pressure compensation
  • Stable sensor with repeatability ± 0.1% of reading
  • 4-20mA output
  • Concentration, Flow, and Error Alerts
  • Universal power supply

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