XTP601 oxygen analyzer

  • Ex certification ATEX, IECEx, TP TC and CCSAUS
  • Lack of moving parts
  • Touch control interface for easy basic setup and calibration
  • Password protection against unauthorized access
  • NAMUR Status LED
  • Two 4-20mA outputs (one of them is customizable)
  • Moisture- and explosion-proof enclosure (EExd) IP66 compliant

Technology: Thermo-Paramagnetic

The XTP601 Industrial Oxygen Analyzer will help ensure safety and improve quality. The thermo-paramagnetic technology used provides measurement accuracy, providing reliability and durability. Typical applications are oil tanks, displacing gases, processes, quality control of biomethane or nitrogen generators.

  1. Available ranges: from 0-1% to 0-50% or from 20-100% to 90-100%
  2. Error: better than 1% of range (0.2% O2 for ranges with zero suppression)
  3. Zero stability (per month): better than 0.25% of range

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