Oxygen analyzers

Oxygen (O2) is measured in technological processes at temperatures up to 1,400 ° C

MLT sensor The most robust O2 ENOTEC sensor Designed for aggressive and corrosive gases.

The InSitu analyzer is located directly in the flue gas stream, at the end of the patented probe, which allows an accurate representative measurement of the oxygen in the flue gas.

Any fluctuations in gas composition will be immediately displayed. This allows you to effectively control the combustion process, resulting in reduced energy consumption while minimizing the amount of harmful emissions.

OXITEC® 5000 - Stationary Oxygen Analyzer

Gas analyzers for precise, quick and continuous combustion control. Confidence in the measurement technology is possible only if the oxygen measurement during combustion is accurate and fast, and the design of the gas analyzer is reliable. The OXITEC® 5000 oxygen analyzer manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC fully complies with these requirements.

OXITEC® GasEx - Explosion Proof Oxygen Analyzer

Harsh process conditions such as aggressive flue gases or explosive atmospheres require particularly reliable technologies.

OXITEC® Economy

The OXITEC® Economy Oxygen Gas Analysis System for continuous combustion control includes a probe, probe cable and electronic unit. This basic model of our OXITEC® gas analyzer product line can be used in all combustion chambers with temperatures up to 1,400 ° C.


The OXITEC® 500E Extractive Oxygen Gas Analyzer for installation in a 19 "module was designed specifically for continuous oxygen measurements in gas analysis cabinets. It operates on the same sensor technology as the OXITEC® 5000 InSitu.

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