AQUATEC® gas analyzers O 2 H 2 O

The InSitu family of sensors is designed by ENOTEC to ensure the longest possible life. ENOTEC uses only proven, high-quality materials to achieve abrasion resistance comparable to other peers on the market.

The sensors are absolutely leakproof thanks to the soldering method invented by ENOTEC, which makes them accurate, safe and reliable for a long time.

The sensor is located directly in the drying process, at the end of the probe, which ensures accurate, fast and representative measurement. Any fluctuations in the gas composition will be instantly displayed for on-line adjustment of the drying process parameters in order to reduce energy consumption.


The drying process is very energy intensive, regardless of whether the leaves of tobacco or gypsum are dried. Fast and accurate measurement of process parameters reduces drying time and allows you to optimize energy costs. 


QUATEC® 2000 is designed to measure humidity and oxygen in flue gases or other non-combustible gases of all kinds.

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