Hot rolling

Positioning hot slabs on the rolling table before rolling W45

  • Very long scanning range and very high functional reserve
  • Robust metal housing
  • As an option: powerful front panel heating

Registration of hydraulic pressure during hot rolling PFT

  • Measuring ranges from 0 mbar ... 100 mbar to 0 bar ... 600 bar
  • Measuring ranges: relative, absolute and +/-
  • Flush mounted models are also available.
  • Medium temperature up to 150 C as an option
  • A wide range of typical process connections

Speed ​​control of steel bars during hot rolling FS0

  • Compact design
  • High resolution up to 1 bit
  • Optional programmable: output voltage, zero pulse position, zero pulse width and number of pulses.
  • Connection: radial or axial cable outlet, M2 or M12 plug, axial or radial.

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