COMTEC® gas analyzers O2 / COe

Combustion optimization with certified gas analysis technology.
The MLT sensor is a superior sensor for measuring oxygen in adverse process conditions such as high dust, aggressive or corrosive flue gases. The production method of MLT O2 sensors makes them very stable and durable.

The MXP sensor integrated in COMTEC® probes provides an additional measurement of flammable gases in addition to measuring oxygen from the MLT sensor. This additional measurement guarantees safer combustion, as the COe and oxygen content are directly dependent on each other.

COMTEC® 6000

The COMTEC® 6000 gas analyzer is an InSitu gas analyzer for measuring oxygen and COe (the sum of unburned molecules such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen) in flue and process gases. This allows for comprehensive measurement with high accuracy in real time. This can be achieved by combining an MXP sensor for COe analysis with MLT sensor technology that measures oxygen content. COMTEC® 6000 guarantees combustion optimization through accurate and reliable gas analysis.

COMTEC® 6000 GasEx

Explosion-proof gas analyzers COMTEC® 6000 GasEx, immediately respond to measurements in the process and are the ideal solution for the safe and accurate measurement of xylene and COe in refineries or areas with similar explosive atmospheres (zones 1/2).

COMTEC® 6000 DustEx

The standard gas analysis system for use in hazardous areas with high dust content (21/22 zones) is COMTEC® 6000 DustEx. In accordance with the strict requirements for measuring systems under high dust load conditions, the DustEx version is ATEX certified II 2D Ex tD A21 IP6X T133 ° C / T141 ° C.


COMTEC® 600E is an extractive gas analyzer for measuring oxygen and COe (the total number of unburned molecules of carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen). In addition to the MXP sensor for detecting COe, it also has the same MLT sensor as the OXITEC® 5000.

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