CEMTEC® - probe with self-cleaning system

Cemtec probe, unmatched in mechanical stability for continuous measurements at high temperatures and high dustiness of chambers of rotary cement kilns. 

CEMTEC® was developed for continuous analysis of flue gases in rotary kilns and other processes with high temperatures and dust, in order to improve product quality while reducing emissions and energy consumption. Due to the increasing use of alternative fuels in rotary kilns and large combustion chambers, integrated gas analysis is becoming increasingly important.

Process temperatures up to 1,400 ° C, dust concentrations up to 2,000 g / m³, high mechanical stress due to material shedding and ambient temperatures up to 50 ° C create extremely high demands on the technology used for the gas sampling device used. With its exceptional characteristics, CEMTEC® offers the optimal solution for continuous flue gas measurements even under adverse conditions such as in chambers of cement and lime kilns and large combustion chambers.

CEMTEC® is a sampling probe with a self-cleaning system that allows for almost continuous measurement. The CEMTEC® gas sampling system achieves 95% measurement availability.

In addition to the sensors for the current measurement of oxygen and COe, a heated sampling line is placed in the measuring chamber. Through it, flue gases enter an extractive gas analyzer at a rate of about 60 l / h to measure SO2, NOx, or CO2.

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