CCTV burning

The system of video surveillance of combustion processes with the function of thermography.


System of video surveillance and thermography D-VTA 200

A modular system for monitoring industrial high-temperature processes provides continuous non-contact
optical and thermal analysis of the combustion process in the combustion chamber.

Application area:

  • Fixing the temperature distribution in the combustion chamber; unbalanced combustion analysis
  • Visualization and analysis of the temperature distribution on the grate during biomass burning and mixed combustion
  • Analysis of the combustion process and control of slag formation at power plants
  • Visualization and analysis of the combustion process in waste processing plants
  • Monitoring processes of ore calcination and pyrolysis of hazardous waste in the chemical industry
  • Control of annealing furnaces and continuous furnaces in metallurgy
  • Control of scale formation and monitoring of charge melting in glass production

Video probe

The probe design is specially designed for use in the most difficult conditions. The video probe includes the optical part - a borescope or videooscope used to transmit images, and an industrial CCD camera located outside the furnace in a cooled case.
The probe body serves to protect the lens from mechanical and thermal influences.

The purge air is used to cool the camera body and protect the lens system from contamination.
The absence of moving parts (mirrors, drives) in the combustion zone ensures high reliability of the system with minimal maintenance.

Field components

  • A pneumatic actuator equipped with measuring instruments to control the flow, pressure and temperature of the air supplied to the purge, as well as a reservoir with an emergency supply of air, is designed to remove the sensor from the furnace at the command of the operator or if there is a danger of destruction
  • The field control cabinet is used to control the video probe, as well as process and transmit the signal to the system PC and video monitor via fiber optic communication

Information Processing and Presentation Tools

  • System PC for calculating process temperature, processing, storage and presentation of thermography data
  • Video monitor

Basic equipment

The basic equipment of the system includes all the components described above, except for the system PC. The system in the basic configuration allows you to get a video image of the process in real time on a color monitor.


Thermographic analysis

For thermographic analysis, in addition to the basic configuration of the system, a system PC with special software operating on the principle of an optical pyrometer is required. Thermographic analysis allows the system to perform the following additional functions:

  • Determination of temperature at any point falling within the surveillance zone of the video probe
  • Formation of a thermographic image of the process and analysis of temperature distribution over the volume of the furnace
  • Determination of temperatures in areas of interest and along lines (ROI = area of ​​interest / LOI = line of interest)
  • Determination of abnormal areas in the combustion zone

All thermography data can be transferred to the process control system via a standard interface.


  • Garbage processing plants
  • Power plants
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

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