HYGROPHIL F 5673 current hydrometer

  • Instrument for measuring residual moisture in gases and liquids
  • Simultaneous measurement of humidity and temperature
  • Multichannel control unit, the ability to simultaneously connect up to 3 sensors
  • Measurement at pressures up to 200 bar and in a rarefied atmosphere
  • The sensor is certified for use in zone 0, dust and water tight IP65
  • Maintenance-free


The HYGROPHIL F 5673 moisture analyzer is equipped with a combined sensor that measures the moisture content of the medium using fiber optics and a Pt100 sensor that measures the temperature of the mixture. In addition to the extremely robust sensor design, it is necessary to point out a number of advantages, which are provided, first of all, with the patented measurement method.

  • High reliability of measurements, including accuracy, reproducibility and low hysteresis
  • Long-term stability (no drift!)
  • It is possible to measure humidity at high pressure directly in the pipeline
  • Possibility of use in hazardous areas (zone 0)
  • Easy installation and retrofitting

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