Hygrometer HYGROPHIL H 4230


  • Exhaust gas measurement in power plants
  • Exhaust gas measurement in waste incineration plants, also in front of filters
  • At refineries
  • In cooking tunnels in hot air cleaning areas
  • In coke ovens and kilns
  • In copper mining devices, also in the presence of sulfuric acid
  • In dryers of any type of raw material
  • In englamer devices for ores

HYGROPHIL® H 4230 is a measuring system for determining the water vapor content of air and other gases. Observation and control of gas humidity is a prerequisite for many processes to maintain high productivity, prudent industrial energy exploitation and to maintain acceptable emission limit values.

HYGROPHIL® H 4230 is a special measuring device that detects humidity under extreme conditions, such as:

  • high measuring gas temperatures,
  • humidity of gases to saturation,
  • severe pollution in the form of dust, oils, fats, foreign gases and solvents, also in a strong corrosive form.

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