Distributed controllers

The PW-6000 Modular Controller is a development of the concept of the PW series of controllers successfully used in numerous facilities around the world. PW-6000 allows you to implement large-scale solutions of any complexity for geographically concentrated and distributed objects. The main controller module (PW6K1IC) provides high performance thanks to a 32-bit processor, a large amount of non-volatile memory, an integrated TCP / IP network card, and support for a wide range of readers and expansion modules. The controller is designed for stand-alone operation and real-time decision making without the need for constant communication with the server. To configure the configuration, direct control and monitoring of events from access control systems and burglar alarms uses a connection to a server with Pro-Watch software. Communication with the server is via the RS232 or RS485 interfaces, via a computer network or via a modem. In addition to the built-in Ethernet network adapter, the main controller module has a port for a second network card, which allows you to create a backup communication channel with the server.

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